Forced labor

Forced labor
   Jews and others who were not immediately gassed in the death camps were used as slave laborers for producing vital materials for the German war effort. Examples of this include the production of synthetic rubber in Buna Auschwitz and work on the V-I and V-2 rockets, as was the case in Dora, located in a gigantic underground complex near the Nordhausen concentration camp in the central German state of Thuringia. Conditions for the workers were horrific, as they suffered from little if any medical attention, a starvation diet, and deplorable working conditions. Under Albert Speer, Adolf Hitler’s armaments minister, the forced labor system was turned into a brutal slave empire employing at least seven million people. Speer and some German industrialists, including Alfried Krupp, were sentenced at the Nuremberg Trials for using forced labor.

Historical dictionary of the Holocaust. . 2014.

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